My passion for everything “BEAUTY” started at a very early age. I’ve always had a creative spirit, that has now led to an incredible career…..helping others feel and look their absolute best, is what I strive for. Throughout the years, I have developed a love for the artistic form of cosmetics. The ability to enhance one’s natural features has always intrigued me. My goal has been to work closely with each of my clients, helping them achieve a look and style that suits their individuality. My work has impacted many lives. I’ve been able to help simplify the typical morning routine for many, allowing them a “worry-free” look, while also providing new confidence and self-assurance within others. Transforming one’s look can truly be life changing.

As a Licensed Cosmetologist, Certified Microblade and Permanent Make-up Artist, I’m extremely dedicated to my craft. I continue to educate myself on new techniques, through various continuing education courses. This allows me to provide my clients with the most up to date and industry-leading services available. My commitment to clients includes a thorough consultation to help determine their overall style goals. I pride myself on customizing each and every service to the individual, ensuring their satisfaction and helping them achieve their desired look. I thrive on my ability to listen, communicate, share knowledge and help my clients understand their options. Asking questions and really taking the time to understand what a client wants to attain through their service(s) always ensures a path to success. I find myself extremely lucky to be able to work with so many amazing clients. I enjoy the detailed work and commitment that goes into helping someone look their very best. Enhancing what one already has is my ultimate goal. Changing the way someone sees themselves is INCREDIBLE. Watching my clients look in the mirror…..the smile, the delightful gasp and sometimes look of disbelief on their face after a service is my favorite part of the day. My clients cannot imagine the incredible new appearance that is staring back at them…..and that is something truly AMAZING to see. It’s what drives me to do my best, everyday. My mission is to help each client attain that ultimate look. Through Microblading, Permanent Make-up, Tinting and Waxing…..I’m able to use my skills and creativity to compliment and perfect my clients’ features.

The details of the face can present a lasting impression. The face expresses and communicates so many emotions. The power of the BROW is undeniable. The glimpse of an EYE not only says, but reveals so much. Being your unique self shows one’s GRACE and can make others ENVY your style.

As they say, “first impressions mean everything”. Natural and gorgeous. Bold and beautiful. Distinctive and confident. It’s all about you, the client, and what you want to achieve.

-Vicky Phillips